• Jack Dorsey creates $1B COVID-19 relief fund using Square equity

    Jack Dorsey announced in a series of tweets today that he is shifting $1 billion in his Square equity to create a fund dedicated to COVID-19 relief. The Twitter and Square CEO is calling the fund Start Small and posting a tally of disbursements and recipients in a public spreadsheet. Dorsey said in his announcement […]

  • Mobile website builder Universe raises $10M from GV as it ventures into commerce

    A startup that has framed itself as an Instagram for websites is now squaring up against Shopify as it nabs new funding from Google’s venture capital arm. Brooklyn-based Universe has just closed a $10 million Series A from GV. The funding round was well in the works before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold stateside; nevertheless, […]

  • GV’s M.G. Siegler on portfolio management, crisis fundraising and his latest investment

    The coronavirus pandemic has pushed entrepreneurs and investors into unknown territory. Google’s GV just led a $10 million investment in Universe, a low-friction website builder that’s venturing into the world of commerce. Mobile website builder Universe raises $10M from GV as it ventures into commerce The investment was in the works before COVID-19 hit America […]

  • Securitization platform Cadence surpasses $125M deal volume and raises $4M

    Securitization is a critical function of the modern financial system. Banks “package” individual loans, say a mortgage or an auto loan, into a group with similar characteristics and sell them to other investors. That gets the debt off the originator’s balance sheet so that they can offer more loans, while also offering private investors alternative […]

  • Firefox gets a refreshed address bar

    Mozilla is launching version 75 of its Firefox browser today. As always, there are plenty of bug fixes and changes for developers who write web apps, but the marquee feature of this update is a refreshed address bar. Given how often you likely use the address bar — though these days it’s often more of […]

  • Cloud Foundry Foundation executive director Abby Kearns steps down to pursue a new executive role elsewhere

    The Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF), the home of the Cloud Foundry open-source developer platform, today announced that its executive director Abby Kearns is stepping down from her role to pursue an executive role elsewhere. If you’ve followed the development of the CFF for a while, it won’t come as a surprise that its current CTO, […]

  • Taiwan’s government bars its agencies from using Zoom over security concerns

    Taiwan’s Executive Yuan issued an advisory on Tuesday barring the country’s government agencies from using Zoom and other video software with “associated security or privacy concerns.” Instead, the government said alternatives, including software from Google and Microsoft, should be considered. Many organizations have been relying on Zoom to holding meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, but […]

  • Cookie consent still a compliance trash fire in latest watchdog peek

    The latest confirmation of the online tracking industry’s continued flouting of EU privacy laws which — at least on paper — are supposed to protect citizens from consent-less digital surveillance comes by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC). The watchdog did a sweep survey of around 40 popular websites last year — covering sectors including media […]

  • This Week in Apps: Zoom has issues, Pinterest founder’s new COVID-19 research app, record Q1 spending

    This week... how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting apps and the wider mobile app industry, more leaks about the new version of iOS, Apple bought Dark Sky, and more.

  • Google research makes for an effortless robotic dog trot

    As capable as robots are, the original animals after which they tend to be designed are always much, much better. That's partly because it's difficult to learn how to walk like a dog directly from a dog — but this research from Google's AI labs make it considerably easier.