• Facebook’s got 99 problems but Trump’s latest “bias” tweet ain’t one

    By any measure Facebook hasn’t had the best of years in 2018. But while toxic problems keep piling up and, well, raining acidly down on the social networking giant — from election interference, to fake accounts, faulty metrics, security flaws, ethics failures, privacy outrages and much more besides — the silver lining of having a core […]

  • Google still claimed to be blocking search rivals on Android, despite Europe’s antitrust action

    Mobile licensing changes made by Google this fall, when it tweaked terms for OEMs wanting to license its Android smartphone platform on devices destined for the European market, don’t appear to be offering succour to search rivals — despite being triggered by an antitrust ruling intended to reset the competitive playing field. The European Commission […]

  • Levandowski’s plans to ship automated driving systems for trucks in 2019

    Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer and serial entrepreneur who was at the center of a trade secrets lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, has taken his newest autonomous vehicle technology company out of stealth mode with a product aimed at the commercial trucking industry. Technically, Levandowski’s involvement in a self-driving trucking company was first revealed by […]

  • Here’s Google’s new Street View Trekker backpack

    Years ago, Google’s Street View program expanded from streets to virtually everywhere, thanks to Google’s Trekker program that put 360-degree Street View cameras into a single backpack. Today, Google announced its upgraded Trekker backpack, which is significantly smaller and lighter than before. The old one weighed in at about 44 pounds. It’s not just a […]

  • Ada nets $19 million Series A to grow its customer service chatbot

    Ada is on a mission to build chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. The company today is announcing a $19 million Series A that will go far in helping it reach that goal. The company sees the capital fueling international expansion and launching products into new verticals, as well as doubling down on employees. Chatbots were […]

  • Google will make it easier for people without accounts to collaborate on G Suite documents

    Soon it will be easier for people without Google accounts to collaborate on G Suite documents. Currently in beta, a new feature will enable G Suite users to invite people without G Suite subscriptions or Google accounts to work on files by sending them a pin code. Using the pin code to gain access allows […]

  • How Russia’s online influence campaign engaged with millions for years

    Russian efforts to influence U.S. politics and sway public opinion were consistent and, as far as engaging with target audiences, largely successful, according to a report from Oxford's Computational Propaganda Project published today. Based on data provided to Congress by Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter, the study paints a portrait of the years-long campaign that's less than flattering to the companies.

  • Lightspeed is raising its largest China fund yet

    Lightspeed China Partners has filed to raise $360 million for its fourth venture fund.

  • The Google Assistant can now alert you of potential flight delays

    If you’re an experienced traveler, you know that plenty of your delays are due to your plane being stuck somewhere else or because the weather at your local or arrival airport isn’t ideal (I’m looking at you, fogged-in SFO in the morning). So you also know to check on your incoming flight, even when the […]

  • Google is spending $1 billion to build a massive new campus in New York

    Days after Apple announced a major expansion to its operations in the U.S. — including a new $1 billion campus in Austin — fellow tech giant Google has announced that it too will invest $1 billion as it sets up a new campus at Hudson Square in New York. Google already has 7,000 staff located in New […]