• Samsung confirms glaring S10 fingerprint reader flaw, promises fix

    Galaxy S10 users should turn on some alternative security features as Samsung works to address a major flaw with the device’s in-screen fingerprint sensor. The consumer electronics giant noted the issue today after a British user reported the ability to unlock her device with unregistered fingerprints. The flaw was discovered after placing a $3.50 screen […]

  • Samsung opens Android 10 One UI beta ahead of final launch

    After pushing back a planned early-October launch, Samsung has introduced the Android 10 beta of its One UI. The 2.0 version of the Android skin follows a little less than a year after the first version’s beta (released in November 2018). The concept goes counter to the earliest Android overlays, instead intending to create a […]

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Fold concierge service is live in the US for those who need it

    Part of Samsung’s reboot of the Galaxy Fold was the announcement of a Premier Service. Along with a reinforced version of the phone and a lot more warning labels, the company announced that it would also be a 24/7 care service…just in case something happened with the device. I had some issues with my device […]

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a solid smartwatch for Android users

    Samsung makes good, underrated smartwatches. It’s just been difficult to get much attention in a category so utterly dominated by a single player. Even still, the company has managed to hold onto the No. 2 spot in global market share, according to recentish numbers. At 11.1%, it’s a little less than a third of what […]

  • Life with the Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Avoid pressing hard on the screen. Tap lightly to keep it safe. Your Galaxy Fold isn’t water or dust resistant. Don’t allow any liquids or foreign objects to enter it. Don’t attach anything to the main screen, such as a screen protector. So begins your journey. It’s the story of one of the most fascinating […]

  • Samsung pulls the plug on Chinese smartphone production

    Samsung this morning confirmed with Reuters that it has shuttered handset production in China. The move comes as the company continues to struggle in the world’s No. 1 smartphone market. As we noted in a deeper dive into China’s smartphone sales back in August, the Korean hardware giant has struggled to maintain a market share […]

  • Africa’s top mobile phone seller Transsion lists in Chinese IPO

    Chinese mobile phone and device maker Transsion has listed in an IPO on Shanghai’s STAR Market, a Transsion spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch.  Headquartered in Shenzhen, Transsion is a top seller of smartphones in Africa under its Tecno brand. The company has also started to support venture funding of African startups. Transsion issued 80 million A […]

  • The Galaxy Fold is now available for purchase in the US

    This is, surely, the moment some loyal fans have waited for. And understandably so. The Galaxy Fold is, by all measures, an exciting phone. It’s the sort of bold brashness that has helped Samsung set itself apart from the competition. Many of us laughed at the Galaxy Note, too, and yet here we are, with […]

  • My Galaxy Fold display is damaged after a day

    Samsung’s new rebooted Galaxy arrives this week with one job: it just needs to not break. I’d already spent thousands of words breaking down the ins and outs of the product the first time around. This round, on the other hand, was more about making sure everything worked. Back in April, I was among the […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold, take two

    The Galaxy Fold comes in a nice box. It’s a thing I rarely, if ever, mention in product write-ups, because, if done right, shipping containers are generally the least interesting thing about a product. But Samsung, to its credit, has taken great care. That’s been one of the constants across this admittedly bungled product launch: […]