• On stock prices and Nvidia

    Yesterday’s analysis of Nvidia’s challneges triggered a surge of mail from readers. The company has lost about half of its value over the past two months, and has mostly blamed a “crypto hangover” for the problem. But as I pointed yesterday, it’s really the three Cs: “Crypto, customers, and China.” There are nuances here worth […]

  • Samsung refreshes its S Pen-packing convertible PC

    Welcome, friends, to the consumer electronics dead zone. It’s that increasingly brief window between the last of the pre-holiday releases and the CES deluge. It’s rarely home to genuinely exciting announcements, but when you’re a company like Samsung, you’ve got to find somewhere on the roadmap to portion out all of those gadgets. Say hello […]

  • Move over notch, the hole-punch smartphone camera is coming

    First it was the notch, now the hole-punch has emerged as the latest tech for concealing selfie cameras whilst keeping our smartphones as free of bezel as possible to maximize the screen space. This week, Samsung and Huawei both unveiled new phones that dispense with the iconic “notch” — pioneered by Apple but popularized by everyone — […]

  • Payment service Toss becomes Korea’s newest unicorn after raising $80M

    South Korea has its fourth unicorn startup after Viva Republica, the company beyond popular payment app Toss, announced it has raised an $80 million round at a valuation of $1.2 billion. This new round is led by U.S. firms Kleiner Perkins and Ribbit Capital, both of which cut their first checks for Korea with this deal. […]

  • AT&T announces a second Samsung 5G smartphone for 2019

    Leave it to Samsung to talk up its second 5G smartphone before most companies have tipped their first. A few days after announcing its first 5G handset via Verizon, the company is already on to number two. This one comes via an AT&T press release that qualifies the handset a bit more, calling it “another […]

  • Samsung fakes test photo by using a stock DSLR image

    Samsung’s Malaysian arm has some explaining to do. The company, in an effort to show off the Galaxy A8 Star’s amazing photo retouching abilities, used a cleverly shot portrait, modified it and then ostensibly passed it off as one taken by the A8. The trouble began when Serbian photographer Dunja Djudjic noticed someone had bought […]

  • Consumer electronics giant Samsung just became the world’s spendiest advertiser, bypassing Procter & Gamble

    Who rules the roost in the business world is very much in flux. We see it on a daily basis, with the mantle of “most valuable company” being passed between Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, depending on the day. Another interesting data point that highlights some of the jockeying for dominance behind the scenes: For the first […]

  • AT&T says it’s getting that 5G Samsung phone, too

    Samsung announced yesterday that it’s set to bring a 5G phone to market in the first half of next year, name-checking Verizon in the promise. This morning, however, AT&T was quick to note that it will also be getting its hand on the still-unnamed handset in the first half of 2019. The carrier issued a […]

  • Samsung will release a 5G phone in 2019

    Samsung tipped its hand yet again, revealing another key piece of its 2019 road map. As it did with the foldable phone a few weeks back, the company will be revealing a proof of concept this week at the annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit in Maui. Details around things like specs are likely to be pretty […]

  • Bright spots in the VR market

    Virtual reality is in a public relations slump. Two years ago the public’s expectations for virtual reality’s potential was at its peak. Many believed that VR would transform the way we connect, interact and communicate in our personal and professional lives.