App Development

App Development
What is Praydius you ask? Praydius is an iPhone app that allows people to view and post anonymous prayers in their current location. The name “Praydius” derives from the combination of the words “prayer” and “radius”.These “prayers” can be about anything.
Balls of Fury is a fun and challenging app. In this game you will control the blue ball avoiding collision with any red ball. While dodging the red ball you will collect coins to advance to the next levels. Each level increases the speeds of the red balls making the game more challenging.

Did you get cut off? Hate someone’s bumper sticker? Do you like their ride?
Let them know what’s on your mind. Post anonymous messages to any license plate.
Download this app now to see if someone has posted a message to your plate.
icon512 These are NOT worthless phone book listings. Most listings are free courts including parks and schools. Court listing are submitted by tennis players all over the world. Over 6000 listings have been submitted just in the last year. More come everyday.