Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury is a fun and challenging app. In this game you will control the blue ball avoiding collision with any red ball. While dodging the red ball you will collect coins to advance to the next levels. Each level increases the speeds of the red balls making the game more challenging.

There are different levels of games, easy, medium, and hard with the games consisting of one, two, and three red balls (respectively). This ensures the game will be fun and challenging for all age groups.

Leader Board

Rank Username High Score Level
1 Henry W 860 Easy
2 Camaro 785 Easy
3 the boss 690 Medium
5 440 Benitez 555 Easy
6 atown 550 Easy
7 cccccccock 535 Easy
8 530 Easy
9 zach williams 530 Easy
10 william whyborne 525 Easy
95 Scores Submitted