• Twitter acqui-hires highlight-sharing app Highly

    Quotes from articles are much more eye-catching than links on Twitter, so the social giant is scooping up the team behind highlight-sharing app Highly. This talent could help Twitter build its own version of Highly or develop other ways to excerpt the best content from websites and get it into the timeline. Twitter confirmed to […]

  • Jack Dorsey says it’s time to rethink the fundamental dynamics of Twitter

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took the stage today at the TED conference. But instead of giving the standard talk, he answered questions from TED’s Chris Anderson and Whitney Pennington Rodgers. For most of the interview, Dorsey outlined steps that Twitter has taken to combat abuse and misinformation, but Anderson explained why the company’s critics sometimes […]

  • Twitter to launch a ‘hide replies’ feature, plus other changes to its reporting process

    In February, Twitter confirmed its plans to launch a feature that would allow users to hide replies that they felt didn’t contribute to a conversation. Today, alongside news of other changes to the reporting process and its documentation, Twitter announced the “Hide Replies” feature is set to launch in June. Twitter says the feature will […]

  • Get ready for a new era of personalized entertainment

    New machine learning tech, user interfaces and automated content creation techniques are going to expand the personalization of storytelling.

  • Nancy Pelosi warns tech companies that Section 230 is ‘in jeopardy’

    In a new interview with Recode, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made some notable comments on what by all accounts is the most important law underpinning the modern internet as we know it. Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act is as short as it is potent — and it’s worth getting familiar with. It […]

  • Twitter updates twttr prototype app with engagement swipes, conversation tweaks, better Dark mode and more

    Twitter’s new prototyping app twttr, which it created to test and get feedback on new features — and new approaches to old features — has been out in the wild for a month. Now, with Twitter taking in the first wave of responses from users, twttr is getting an update. The move highlights how Twitter continues to […]

  • New privacy assistant Jumbo fixes your Facebook & Twitter settings

    Jumbo could be a nightmare for the tech giants, but a savior for the victims of their shady privacy practices. Jumbo saves you hours as well as embarrassment by automatically adjusting 30 Facebook privacy settings to give you more protection, and by deleting your old tweets after saving them to your phone. It can even […]

  • To cut down on spam, Twitter cuts the number of accounts you can follow per day

    Twitter just took another big step to help boot spammers off its platform: it’s cutting the number of accounts Twitter users can follow, from 1,000 per day to just 400. The idea with the new limit is that it helps prevent spammers from rapidly growing their networks by following then unfollowing Twitter accounts in a […]

  • Twitter’s latest test focuses on making conversations easier to follow by labeling tweets

    Twitter continues to experiment with ways to make conversations on its platform easier to follow. In addition to its prototype app twttr, which is testing threaded replies, the company also recently tested labeling replies to highlight those from the “original tweeter” — meaning it would show when the person who first tweeted a post then […]

  • Twitter reverses stance and allows ad encouraging you to vote in France

    Political ads on social networks have become a lot more complicated in France after the French parliament passed the so-called “fake news law” in late 2018. But the French government didn’t expect Twitter to refuse an ad telling you to register to vote for the European election in May. Among other things, the fake news […]