• Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room

    About 20 years ago, a medical device startup called Intuitive Surgical debuted the da Vinci robot and changed surgical practices in operating rooms across the United States. The da Vinci ushered in the first age of robotic-assisted surgical procedures with a promise of greater accuracy and quicker recovery times for patients undergoing certain laparoscopic surgeries.  For […]

  • Microsoft bringing Dynamics 365 mixed reality solutions to smartphones

    Last year Microsoft introduced several mixed reality business solutions under the Dynamics 365 enterprise product umbrella. Today, the company announced it would be moving these to smartphones in the spring, starting with previews. The company announced Remote Assist on HoloLens last year. This tool allows a technician working onsite to show a remote expert what […]

  • What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos’ leaked texts

    The "below the belt selfie" media circus surrounding Jeff Bezos has made encrypted communications top of mind among nervous executive handlers.

  • When do you go native?

    So you’re a startup founder. Or you’re in charge of a new project at a big company. (Or maybe you just imagine being either of these things.) And you suddenly realize: you have to make a whole slew of massive decisions right now, based on imperfect information, which will reverberate for months or years, and […]

  • Medivis has launched its augmented reality platform for surgical planning

    After two years of development, Medivis, a New York-based company developing augmented reality data integration and visualization tools for surgeons, is bringing its first product to market. The company was founded by Osamah Choudhry and Christopher Morley who met as senior residents at NYU Medical Center. Initially a side-project, the two residents roped in some […]

  • Microsoft video teases HoloLens 2 ahead of MWC launch

    One of Mobile World Congress’s most anticipated reveals isn’t a phone at all. Microsoft is expected to announce the next generation HoloLens headset at an already announced event on February 24, and the company’s doing a bit more to stoke the flames. Granted, there’s really not much to see in this new teaser. Vague forms […]

  • Someone could scoop up Slack before it IPOs

    Earlier this week, Slack announced that it has filed the paperwork to go public at some point later this year. The big question is, will the company exit into the public markets as expected, or will one of the technology giants swoop in at the last minute with buckets of cash and take them off […]

  • Microsoft Azure sets its sights on more analytics workloads

    Enterprises now amass huge amounts of data, both from their own tools and applications, as well as from the SaaS applications they use. For a long time, that data was basically exhaust. Maybe it was stored for a while to fulfill some legal requirements, but then it was discarded. Now, data is what drives machine […]

  • Africa Roundup: Zimbabwe’s net blackout, Partech’s $143M fund, Andela’s $100M raise, Flutterwave’s pivot

    A high court in Zimbabwe ended the government’s restrictions on internet and social media last month.

  • Skype can now blur the background during video calls

    Thanks to the rise of WhatsApp and other free calling and messaging apps, Skype is no longer the go-to service it once was for many people. But the company just added a new feature that might raise its appeal among users. The Microsoft-owned service’s latest addition is a screen-blurring feature designed to obscure your messy room […]