• Apple brings its hardware microphone disconnect feature to iPads

    Apple has brought its hardware microphone disconnect security feature to its latest iPads. The microphone disconnect security feature aims to make it far more difficult for hackers to use malware or a malicious app to eavesdrop on a device’s surroundings. The feature was first introduced to Macs by way of Apple’s T2 security chip last […]

  • Review: 100,000 miles and one week with an iPad Pro

    For the past eighteen months, the iPad Pro has been my only machine away from home, and until recently, I was away from home a lot, traveling domestically and internationally to event locations around the world or our offices in San Francisco, New York and London. Every moment of every day that I wasn’t at […]

  • Can Apple keep the AR industry alive?

    Augmented reality still has Apple’s enthusiasm behind it, but can that keep the whole industry afloat? On Wednesday, Apple debuted a new iPad Pro, the hallmark feature of which was a lidar time-of-flight sensor baked into the camera, which is designed to make augmented reality experiences more realistic and immersive. For most potential users, the […]

  • Daily Crunch: Apple unveils new iPad Pro and MacBook Air

    Apple has new hardware coming, the U.S. government may use cell phone data to track the spread of COVID-19 and Fox acquires a streaming company. Here’s your Daily Crunch for March 18, 2020. 1. Apple announces new iPad Pro The new iPad Pro looks more-or-less like the existing iPad Pro, but with better specifications, plus […]

  • iPads become more laptop-like with the arrival of full mouse and trackpad support

    Apple just dumped a bunch of hardware news online via press release. That’s just the world we live in right now. We’ll probably be seeing a whole lot of this in the coming weeks and months, as companies adjust to the new online reality. Along with a new MacBook Air and update to the Mac […]

  • Apple announces new iPad Pro

    Apple has announced new iPad Pro models in a press release. In addition to better specifications, Apple is also releasing a new Magic Keyboard with backlit keys, a trackpad and a hinge that allows you to move the iPad freely. The iPad Pro looks more or less like the existing iPad Pro. You can choose […]

  • Apple could add mouse cursor support to the iPad

    According to a report from 9to5mac, Apple could be working on full cursor support for the next major version of iOS and iPadOS. The report is based on code of an early version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. If Apple ships that new feature, it means that you’ll be able to use a Bluetooth […]

  • Adobe celebrates Photoshop’s 30th anniversary with new desktop and mobile features

    Adobe’s Photoshop celebrates its 30th birthday today. Over that time, the app has pretty much become synonymous with photo editing and there will surely be plenty of retrospectives. But to look ahead, Adobe also today announced a number of updates to both the desktop and mobile Photoshop experiences. The marquee feature here is probably the […]

  • Photoshop for iPad gains ‘Select Subject’ feature

    Adobe’s Photoshop on the iPad got off to a rocky start that doesn’t seem to have left fans of the desktop version very happy, but the company looks intent on incorporating user feedback and releasing meaningful feature updates on a timely basis. Like today, for instance, it’s adding “Select Subject” to the iPad version of […]

  • Adobe details feature roadmap for Photoshop on the iPad, subject selection coming in 2019

    Adobe has taken quite a bit of heat for its release of Photoshop on the iPad, mostly because it’s not as feature-complete as a lot of users were hoping, given that this is meant to be a full version of Photoshop on par with the desktop edition on Apple’s tablet OS for the first time. […]